LMR Power Systems and Solutions

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LMR Power Systems Service Group

LMR Power Systems Service Group provides preventative maintenance programs and emergency services like temporary rental generators for all emergency standby and power generation systems. LMR also specializes in providing field engineering expertise and services for customers that have code, regulation issues and complete power and electrical related modification services as indicated below:

  • Standby Power Generation, supply and complete turnkey installations
  • Standby Generator Preventative Maintenance Programs and services
  • Electrical Systems Installations
  • Switchgear Modification and Upgrade
  • Project Management
  • Electrical Systems Maintenance
  • Coordination Study
  • Commissioning and Testing
  • Infrared Scanning
  • Breaker Retrofitting and Reconditioning
  • Power Monitoring (System, Setup & Analysis)
  • Power Systems Engineering

We pride ourselves on the hard work and commitment given to every customer in need and go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure every generator and electrical system is maintained and serviced for best performance at time the system is called upon to operate.

Service of Generators To Date:

Site                                                                       Contractor

354 Davis Road, Oakville, Ontario 

25 Stafford Toronto 

City of Hamilton 

Homewood Suites 

159 Prospect Hamilton 

Bella Towers/ 140 Main Street Hamilton

City Square Phase 1

5807 Ferry Street Niagara Falls 

115 Bonnie Crescent 


Sheraton Hamilton

980 Golf Links Road

Federal Tower Hamilton  

10 John Street Dundas 

Urban West 

Effort Trust Building 

First Gulf 





DMS Property Management 

PM Guild 

Emerald Seniors Residence 

Global Egg Corporation 

City of Hamilton 


PM Guild  

DMS Property Management 

PM Guild 

PM Guild 

Effort Trust